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Do you sell GoldMine?

Most think of us as the GoldMine Support Specialist, and forget that we also sell the GoldMine Premium product. In fact, in 2007, 48% of our revenue was derived from GoldMine Support, while 52% of our revenue was derived from the GoldMine Premium product. We did have some revenue from GoldMine Corporate Edition at the beginning of the year, however, we have since decided to focus our efforts on GoldMine Premium.

Through the end of December 2011:

GoldMine Standard Edition Upgrade to GoldMine Premium $549.00* per License
GoldMine Corporate Edition Upgrade to GoldMine Premium $449.00* per License
GoldMine Premium New License $695.00* per License
GoldMine Premium Maintenance Plan ( minimum purchase 3 Users @ $417.00 ) $139.00 per Seat

* These prices are always open to negotiations and subject to change.

With all purchases, Upgrades or New, you must purchase a minimum of 5 Maintenance Plans, and one for each GoldMine Premium License over 5. There is no give and take on this. Each GoldMine Premium Maintenance Plan will cost you $139.00.

What other costs may I expect?

You could expect to need to purchase a 10 hour GoldMine Support Plan from us for $1,000.00 which will actually give you 11 hours of support or 10 hours plus an ecopy of The Hacker's Guide to Premium when it becomes available. In most upgrades, and new installations this will cover everything. I must be honest with you, however, on large installations or abnormal data upgrades this time could vary. Although, this is not a quote to complete your upgrade/installation, is has proven to be a very good estimate of time for upgrading/installing GoldMine Premium.

What if my upgrade/installation only takes a couple of hours?

This has happened often on smaller systems, but your GoldMine Support Contract time never expires, and is always there for you to utilize for training, reinstallation, configurations, Automated Processes, E-mail Templates, GoldMine Reports, or anything GoldMine related that you can possibly think of.

Doesn't the FrontRange required Maintenance Plan cover this?


I hope that you will consider us for your GoldMine Product needs as well as your GoldMine Support needs.

Telephone: (978)342-3333
E-mail:  DJ@DJHunt.US

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